7 secrets of success

secrets of successLast few months I have started to spend a lot of time with physical exercises and I has taken a great interest in this self-improvement method. This experience of physical exercises overcoming give me some interesting ideas, associations and analogies, which can help with other directions of our life. This post is the first in "7 secrets of success" series of posts.

The first Secret
It is possible to take pleasure from overcoming difficulties. In our life we very often collide with problems which we must solve, frequently for this purpose we should do significant efforts. Probably, you will tell, that only masochists are capable to take pleasure from difficulties. I allow myself to disagree …
The main idea of first secret of success is "the way you look at all obstacles in your life". Do you wish to learn how to generate the positive attitude? How to perceive a problems with pleasure?
Advice is simple.
You should follow this simple formula : "Everything, that do not kill, do us strong ".

Doing physical exercises you know precisely, that they give you advantages, that you become stronger. You force down breath, you use all your will to do this last pulling up because it will make you more strongly. Overcoming physical activities is a way of body improving.
All becomes complicated a little, when we transfer this principle to the question of professional growth, in personal development. It is completely not obvious, that your efforts in any of these directions cause internal growth. However, it is absolutely established fact, because often you are not pay attention to proofs.
We are always see athletes, we know how they have reached success - through constant overcoming of physical activities. But, for some reason, we always explain someone's success in any area with "luck", "parent's communications" etc... Maybe it is easy to live so... I don't know, but I don't like it.

Btw, if you try to study biographies of successful people you will see the same: "Constant weaknesses overcoming, difficulties overcoming, problems overcoming - it is the reason of their success ". You must remember it, success of any person (material, spiritual, creative) you should always strongly associates with his improvement work, in the same way, as athletes body powers associates with overcoming physical exercises. You become stronger meeting problems and difficulties - be happy to this chance, moreover, you should search this meeting.


I think now I consider a question with which each of you necessarily collided every time. It sounds like " your desire to be cool in opinion of other people". I think you would like to be, for example attractive in opinion of girl/guy which you like or for example you try to be assured and purposeful in opinion of colleagues and business partners. Always when we do it we try to watch ourselves, to notice any features in ourselves which we wish to hide from others. We try (of course not all people) to take to ourselves any role in certain conditions, to impose to the interlocutor a certain ideas about ourselves.
So, being based on one psychological model, which I think is true, (model called "Transerfing" it is created by the person from Russia) all above listed incorrectly. It seems paradox, right?
We always considered that we should look correctly in opinion of other people.
Following this psychological method i can say that you should hold a Slide in your head and in this slide you are absolutely perfect guy or girl in all world, thus it is not necessary to think about your lacks. You must think about your advantages, they are exist I am assured. For example, you go on appointment with some unfamiliar girl, but you are constraining enough person. Not a problem! Try to pay her attention on your advantages, for example on your remarkable smile. The most important in this case is to really think that you have a "remarkable smile" (there can be any advantage) and not think at all that you are constraining. Believe me, 90 % of people absolutely precisely paying attention on "how they are look in your eyes" but not on "how you are" in conversation. So let her feel herself ideal girl and very charming on this appointment and show her your "smile". And you must always hold in a head this "slide" with your advantages.
This is one of success secrets I think, not only with girls.

Are you smoking ?

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All this similar to any review, right? Yes, indeed. But this review was entirely written by me. Now I am19 years old, I have started smoke in 15. And I stop smoke with help of this book, or no maybe I mistake, I simply start to live without smoking and you should too. And... It's not a marketing trick :) It's really cool.

The beautiful nature

Today i wouldn't write big posts about "What you must do bla bla bla to REALLY improve yourself". Sometimes, it is simply enough to see something beautiful or happy to ignore bad feelings and to feel happy. It is important method in self-made, too. So enjoy :)

self improvement

self improvement
self improvement
self improvement
self improvement

self improvement
self improvement
self improvement
self improvement "It is photoshop!" - maybe you say. Yes, but what a difference ? :)

Most popular martial arts list

self improvementThis post is about thing with which we are collide most often in daily life сoncerning self improvement. It is possible to start studying practically any martial art now in the modern world at any moment for each of us. During all history of mankind there were "fight systems". Even now in narrow circles of people studying martial arts there is legend about the "Universal and Perfect system of fight"(i will not arguing this and i can't say that it is true). Description of such systems can often be met in books of visionaries (surrealism direction basically).
The Universal system (maybe we will consider it later) is now not interesting, I am interesting in psychological component of martial arts. First of all I should list most popular kinds of martial arts, having divided their by method of influence on the opponent:



Direct links to wikipedia content on related arts

Of course, there are many more kinds, but these are most popular arts. How i said earlier, there are many martial arts, especially those from Asia, also teach side disciplines which pertain to psychology systems or even to esoteric knowledge (such as whole vibration systems, yoga, asceticism etc...). Later we will consider most interesting, on my opinion, martial arts. I think, that martial arts are one of the most accessible ways to the person self-made. Or, and there is one more reason for studying martial arts - girls love strong guys with athletic constitution :)

Constructive argue

self improvementHow often do you quarrel with friends and native people? Are you sometimes shout at them? Do you tell them things about what you regret? There is a simple way to solve this problem. Look at clause of one Russian psychologist in which this question on an example of a married couple is considered, in my free translation :
"So, reject all emotions, only sensible mind. Imagine that you are ambassadors from two countries and should agree among yourselves about mutual benefits. Necessarily say to your second half, that you wish to talk, that you wish to show your discontent or anxiety. It is impossible to do it, during eating or when your couple is borrowed with something. It would be necessary to prepare to serious conversation, you even can agree about any concrete time, to be sure that nobody and nothing didn't distract you from arguing. When you have already sat down for a negotiating table, say everything that has become painful, but there is an obligatory condition - you mustn't interrupt each other, you should enable to express completely. Also an obligatory condition of constructive quarrel is that during its time one theme is discussed only, and in general each theme is a separate discussing. You mustn't to beat in weak places, it means that it is impossible to involve previous argue themes in conversation. If you have started to speak about it, you should speak only about yourself, don't cite someone as an example, don't hang up labels. Certainly, you must understand, that there shouldn't be any extraneous persons during your quarrel.Here you have expressed all to your partner, your partner have listened all that you say to him, but it is obviously not enough. You necessarily should offer your variant of problem decision that you wish to receive as a result. And here now you should break off and listen to counterarguments, enable opponent to express, your opponent listened you without interrupting. Having listened to the answer you can discuss and search for the compromise if your variant of problem decision isn't absolutely suits your partner, maybe he/she will offer something. Thus, you should think and argue until you will come to one decision which will satisfy both, if you wish to build attitudes on principles of equality. If your attitudes weren't equal from the beginning of marriage, constructive quarrel will not help you, as it is simply will not take place.
So, as you have understood - quarrels isn't bad, they are even necessary if you can approach to it reasonably. Therefore if you want to argue with second half, in fact now you know how to do it correctly, effectively, without material damage for family, emotional traumas and in a scientifically true way from the psychology point of view. And, besides after quarrels there is reconciliation and simplification and if you don't have enough rough emotions and passions - make sex :) "

Let's follow to professional's advice, i think this clause written very well and accessible.

Self adjusting - How to ?

It is very hard to post beginning things in this blog on such deep theme. It is possible to write really big notes and I should limit a stream of my ideas. I understand, that there a lot of posts ahead, but I want to tell all it now!:)
It is always very important to adjust ourselves and to be confidence in ourselves. When you are working you should concentrate on your success. When you are having a rest, on the contrary, you should have total relaxation and skill to receive a maximum pleasure. How to make it? It seems simple. But it is deception...
Unfortunately, we find out feelings which are stirring to use our opportunities most effectively in certain situations. For example in work when "Here is the necessary way already must appear in a head" but an unexpected idea about "How good I has spent time with my friends last weekend" or the idea on an anticipation of a forthcoming celebration confuses us and we must concentrate anew. Or on the contrary (at me especially often happens so) when we are trying to relax, trying to be active and cheerful on any party, we start to strain ourselves with any extraneous ideas on our work, problems and so on...
So, how to adjust yourself in the necessary way? How to find a key to our emotions ?
You should try to imagine your life as the certain time interval. It is difficult but you must try it. On this interval there moments when it is really necessary TO WORK persistently and long and on the contrary to have a rest. Also you should imagine a point on this interval. It is instant moment in which you are present now and you must to tell yourself: You are here now, you need to make it, on this point you will have everything if only you will want it. In fact all we live one life (I think so..). Do not take all these unnecessary ideas about "what i need to do now?", "how i should to behave now?" and "how to concentrate?" in a head. Live a full life, take all that you can from each point on this "interval". Maybe there is happiness ?
I am explaining to you things which are for a long time known in psychology but is this important? You must UNDERSTAND and FEEL it. In fact there is no value in your knowledge of this methods, you must really FEEL it to be as much as possible effective in any situation . Person who can make it completely for me is rather Great man. Maybe I haven't told you something new and you know it but as I spoke above it is necessary not to know this it is necessary to feel it :)
During conducting this blog when I write posts about such things I truly open for myself more and more nuances of things known to me before. Because of that i wrote "I improve myself by telling you how to improve yourself" in description of this blog. It is my way to be adjusted...
And I sincerely wish you to find yours :)